Too Much, More Than a Lot

You are as plain as the sheets of paper
the snow that doesn’t only come in winter.

You are as plain as my hopes to be with you
as plain as my past without you
as plain as an easy laughter.

The endless melody of that voice
on that same dark autumn night,
that melody- it doesn’t want to stop
as my heart
doesn’t want to stop beating for you.

I’m here, but I’m there.
I am afraid of going to the sky,
I’m flying in the sky thinking of you.

I’m as invisible as the champagne in the crystal,
I wish I could over-flow so that you could see me –
– I wish I could move faster than any sound of nature.
I observe your voice-
– that’s too much, more than a lot.

4 thoughts on “Too Much, More Than a Lot

  1. Nothing is colder than the emotional kind; winds stirring the drifts, swirling up tiny points of a state of water that moves slower than the others, catching the light and showing you how empty you are in the absence of whoever it is that currently plagues your Self. Yeah, I know THAT feeling. I have written about it, extensively but in a different format

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