I am interested in everything beyond, behind vision and senses, everything that needs more digging into – that’s every emotion, every stir in our system that makes us do what we do, each particle in the air and in the person next to us that makes us feel what we feel. Why do we feel this? Why are we living in this self of ours in this moment of time while there is another parallel ‘now’ that we have disregarded? Every single moment when we are present somewhere means that we are not present somewhere else, and at times we make those decisions too quickly to even think of what is the alternative and what the reasons of why are we choosing this exact present are. I want to know the core depths of my soul and the souls of others and use my time on Earth to learn as much as I can about beings and the essence of everything I notice and encounter and hopefully I will get to inspire others, expand their nets of thought, leave an honest read and a niche to follow into the journey to self-knowledge and the possibilities in this big world of ours.

Contact: ella.valeree@gmail.com

Twitter: @_EllaValentine

Instagram: @ella.vn

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